Social Studies

Native American Regions

Video of Pacific Northwest Region
Totem Poles Video
Totems of the Pacific Northwest
Totem Pole Features
More Wampum
Kachina Dolls
How Kachina Dolls Are Made
A Recreated Lacrosse Game

Countries of the World

National Geographic
Around the World:  Time for Kids
National Geographic Kids
(Type your country’s name in the search bar.)
Fun Facts About Countries
What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast

Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark Interactive
Scholastic Activities
Mr. Nussbaum
Video Bio
Mysterious Death of Meriwether Lewis

Esther Morris

Women’s Suffrage


The Underground Railroad

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year for Kids!
Chinese New Year Fact Monster
Chinese New Year Facts
Chinese New Year Top Marks

The Age of Exploration

Explorer Biographies
More Explorers



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