About Mrs. Ngai

My name is Mrs. Ngai and I am currently a 5th grade teacher in the Math, Science, Technology Magnet at Montara Elementary School. I love using technology in the classroom and am really excited about using this blog with my students! In addition to technology, I also love chocolate, traveling, learning new languages, and trying new food from many different cultures!

Montara Memories


As you are approaching the end of your time at Montara , spend some time thinking about some of your best memories from your time here.  Some ideas to think about are:

  • who are/were your best friends here and why
  • who were your favorite teachers and why
  • what was your favorite project and why did you enjoy doing it
  • what was your favorite field trip and why
  • what was your favorite show or performance
  • did you receive any special awards?
  • did you participate in any extra activities (clubs, student council, chorus, etc.)
  • the funniest thing that happened while you were here
  • the greatest thing that happened while you were here
  • anything else that you’d like to share

Write a GOOD, LONG post about some of your favorite memories.