The Teacher

Mrs. Ngai

This is my 14th year teaching at Montara Avenue Elementary School.  I have taught 2nd grade for 8 years, worked as the technology coordinator and computer lab teacher for 2 years, and taught 5th grade for 3 years.  I’m VERY EXCITED to be back in 5th grade this year!  I am particularly excited to do a LOT of technology projects!  In 2009 I completed a Master’s in Educational Technology at California State University, Long Beach, so I’m very happy when I can use the skills I learned in my degree program with the students in my classroom!

A Little Bit About Me

The things I enjoy the most are traveling, learning new languages, and experiencing new cultures especially through the foods people eat in different countries.  In addition to English, I speak Spanish, Japanese, and some Italian.  I grew up in Downey and I have also lived in London, New York, Guadalajara, and most recently in Matsushima and Sendai, Japan.  I have so many wonderful memories of all the different places I have lived and I go back to visit as often as I can.  I now live in Long Beach with my husband and two daughters.

I also enjoy being active and being outdoors.  Some of my favorite activities are running, rollerblading, and hiking.  When I want to do something more relaxing, I like going to see a movie or a play at the theater or visiting an art museum.  And I’m a huge Dodger fan!

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE chocolate.  I have even traveled more than once to the New York Chocolate Show and the San Francisco Chocolate Salon to try the latest chocolate creations.  I have not been disappointed!  I also really enjoy baking and maybe one day when I retire from teaching I will open my own bakery.

In addition to sweets, though, I really enjoy eating food from many different countries.  My husband and I enjoy trying new ethnic foods, including Indian, Honduran, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Mexican, Peruvian, Pakistani, Italian, Polish, Lebanese,  and Korean to name just a few!  Because I like eating so much, I also need to do a lot of exercise!

My Family

Go Dodgers!

My husband and I have twin girls who were born in February 2011 and are growing up TOO fast!  They have already attended many Dodger games!

7 thoughts on “The Teacher

  1. Dear mrs. Ngai, July 1,2012
    I will miss you a lot I hope you have a wonderful vacation and I hope your kids will have a wonderful vacation too with you have a good luck on traveling the whole world
    But also class was fun but the sticks were not to me and I hope every body in montara will have fun to if you still stay in montara I will visit you,and I’m gonna miss my friends that helped me and you as a teacher for giving me more higher grades and teaching me Japanese, this might come a little weird to tell you randomly that my great grandfather was Japanese I didn’t believe it but wait I was talking about you that for giving me the conference for learning and having a great teacher. Like you I hope you get wat you really want and thank you for every thing
    Your old 5th grade student
    Alize Soto

  2. Hey Mrs. Ngai, I don’t know if you remember me but I was your second grade student a few years back. I’m in 8th grade now. I just wanted to thank you for being such an amazing teacher to every single student of yours. I love your class because of the fun chances we got to learn Japaneese and have pen pals out in Japan. Well thank you, I look forward to seeing you in my future.

  3. Brianna! Of course I remember you! Thank you so much for your kind words. I loved Japanese club, and you guys learned so fast! I hope you’re doing well. I’d love to hear what you’re up to.

  4. Hello Ms. Ngai!! Do you remember me… Its Vanessa Solis I was in your class in 2013 – 2014. I miss you so much! 💜 I wish you the best and hope you’re well. Hope to see you soon! 💕

  5. Hi Vanessa! Of course I remember you!! How are you and your family doing? I hope you are all well, and that you continue to do well in school! Where are you now? How are your studies going? I am still at Montara, but I work in the computer lab now, teaching all the students from kindergarten to 6th grade! I miss having my own classroom sometimes, but now the computer lab is my classroom with over 800 students! Come and visit!

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