Montara Memories


As you are approaching the end of your time at Montara , spend some time thinking about some of your best memories from your time here.  Some ideas to think about are:

  • who are/were your best friends here and why
  • who were your favorite teachers and why
  • what was your favorite project and why did you enjoy doing it
  • what was your favorite field trip and why
  • what was your favorite show or performance
  • did you receive any special awards?
  • did you participate in any extra activities (clubs, student council, chorus, etc.)
  • the funniest thing that happened while you were here
  • the greatest thing that happened while you were here
  • anything else that you’d like to share

Write a GOOD, LONG post about some of your favorite memories.

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About Mrs. Ngai

My name is Mrs. Ngai and I am currently a 5th grade teacher in the Math, Science, Technology Magnet at Montara Elementary School. I love using technology in the classroom and am really excited about using this blog with my students! In addition to technology, I also love chocolate, traveling, learning new languages, and trying new food from many different cultures!

32 thoughts on “Montara Memories

  1. My best friends here were Ashly and Jason. Ashly is perfect at everything and she is super kind. Jason loves Star Wars just as much as I do and he’s very funny. When I had to give a speech to be in student concil I was very nervous, but I knew I would be Ok. My favorite project was the career project because it gave me a chance to show off some of my fashion designs. My favorite party was the Christmas party because I remember the time when I couldn’t get doubles on the dice, and finally after Joshua said,”Do it for me,” and I finally got doubles. I like it when Mrs.Ngai uses chocolate almost every time she makes up a math problem. My favorite field trip was the Japanese American National Museum. I got the reading award and the President award. This year I was in Sewing club, Student concil, Chorus, and Coding club. This was the best last year at Montara ever.

  2. My first day of school super nervous I did not. Know any one . but them i met friends them i had more than you imagine that’s one of my best memories . That’s how I have a lot of friends.

  3. My very best friends was Ahly,Noemy,Yarely,Aiyana,Naomie I am so sorry if I did not spell your name right, Samanthat,Juri,Araceli,Giselle. My best teachers are Mrs. Ngai and all my teachers in Montara. My funiest memories were that we all laught and Mrs. Ngai. My very fun projects were all of them. I really goi g to miss Mrs. Ngai cause she relly nice , does fun arts and more stuffs. I really love my classmates. I will mis all my friends and my classmates and my teachers alot.

    Go Montara!!

    I want to wish that my friend read this and Mrs. Ngai😍😍😍

  4. My best friends here were Ervin Tony Ivan and Joshua they are all very nice to me.They make me laugh all the time. My favorite teachers were Mrs Ngai Mrs Aguilar and Mrs valdivia why is because they are all strict and those are the good teacher. My favorite project was the college university.I was in rage mode that I didn’t get my school.But I’m still fine with it because I did it. My favorite show was the stop breathe and choose. I got the student of the month the most improved citezen ship award and principles award . I was in coding it was a lot of fun. The funniest thing that ever happened was angel and Carlos fighting for Juliana. The greatest thing that ever happened to me was getting good friends and not getting bullied.The thing I want to share is it’s going to be fun in the magnet.And this is worth being here for 6 years. Oh I forgot about my favorite field trip. It’s the farm one I got to see chicks chickens eggs and even pigs.I still cant bielieve it’s been 6 years in Montara and now I’m getting ready to go to Middle school. This school will always be in my memory. My best friends please remember me i know they will be remembered in my memory.This has been one of the best 6 years of my life. Have a good time Montara please enjoy.

  5. My friends are Jason and,Rvin and they both are smart and funny specially Jason makes me laugh the most and smart also Rvin and my favorite project is the career project because i can show the class what i want to be in the future. Best teacher i had in m Montara is only Mrs .Ngai is the we best teacher i ever had this year.Best field trip is the Japanese Museum and activities we did in class is art and different activities .Have a good time at Montara enjoy.

  6. My friends were Nathan, Ervin and Fransisco. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Ngai. My favorite subject is math. My favorite field trip was when we went to the museums. My favorite project was are the career project. My favorite proformance as when we were singing jingle bells on Christmas. I got good citizen and I was proud of myself.

  7. My first day of school I was nervous and in first grade I met Jessie and we turned into best friends and Josh plus tony too.My favorite teachers are Mrs.Ngai and Mrs.Aguilar because they had support for me when I was in the hospital.

  8. My best friends were Ashley, Noemy, Yarely, Jutiza, Ariceli, Ayaina, Gisselle, and Samantha. They are funny and nice to me that’s why their my friends. My favorite teachers are Mrs. Ngai, Mrs.Valdivia, Mrs.Kamia, Mrs.Webber, and Mr.Derry. They are my favorite teachers because they are a really nice and funny. My favorite project would have to be our university project because we got to learn about the university and we got to see other people’s university. My favorite field trip was The Getty center. It was my favorite because you got to learn a lot of stuff there. My favorite school performance was the Japanese Jingle bells. It was my favorite because I got to learn and sing Japanese. Yes I got an a award. I got most improved in Language arts. It was exiting. I participated in (A after school club) The funniest thing that happened was when Mrs.Ngai tricked us to signing a paper that was in Japanese. The greatest thing that happened is when I met my friends.

  9. My best friends were Moises, Nathan, Jason, and Ervin because they are all very nice to me. The best teachers I had were Ms. Aguilar, Ms. Gedney, Ms, Orange, and especially Ms Ngai. My favorite subjects were Math, Writing, and Social Studies. The best field trips I had were UCLA and The California Science Center. The funnest project I did was the San Diego Mission. The best performance I did was Uptown Funk. The cool thing was I got a Math Award every year. The funniest thing that happened was that Carlos and Angel were sending notes to Julliana. The greatest thing that happened to me at Montara is I got to spend 6 years with my best friends. I may not see you guys anymore but you guys will always be in my memory. I wish I have more memories like this one. GO MONTARA HUSKIES

  10. My best friends were araceli ,juritza,Giselle, Stephanie , naomie and yarely.I liked being in chours and I was really nervous when we were going to preform . In the first day of school I was really nervous but then I met Giselle araceli and juritza and they became my friends .The best thing of the years were meeting my friends and having a lot of fun memories.💗

  11. My best.friend is Raul. My favorite teacher is you. My favorite fieldtrip was to the Getty Villa. I was in coding club. Ivan falling of his chair. When we did a raffle of gifts. Goodbye everybody hope to see you in middle school goodbye…

  12. My best friends are Samantha, Aiyana, Araceli, Giselle, Stephanie, Yarely, Naomie 5( Nae Nae ), Noemy, Juritza, and Flor because I knowthat they will always have my back and support me when I need it . My favorite teachers are Mrs Zeleke, Mrs. Ngai, Ms. Aguilar, and Mrs. Labatt because they were all very good at making g me work hard and make me do my best. My favorite projects was the ” All About Me ” project because of course it is ALL about ME. Also, the ” Career Project ” becauseit tells about what I want to do when I grow up and my future. My favorite field trip was to the Japanese American Museum because we did learn more about the Japanese culture and Japanese past then we went to do oragami then we got macaroons from Little Tokyo. My favorite performances were the magic show that me and Andrew got to see. An the little kids that did the flute. I did receive awards and that was the Writing Award, Math Award, Reading Award, and my very special the President’s Award that I have got 2 times.I have participated in Coding Club, the student council and chorus.To me the best thing that happened to me was meeting Samantha my very bestest friend that I have met in second grade. To all of my best friends I wish them good luck for the new year middle school and hope that we will see each other some day.

  13. The year started being the Best when I first got moved from table 1 to table 4 that is where everything started i met some awsome people first my friends Nathan and my other friend ervin and samantha Nathan is my Best friend he is good at sports video games he is smart and he has lots of things in common ervin is funny smart and samantha is smart and carring abaute people one of my memorries are like when me and Nathan had to go to class but we put the ball away so we raced he beat me as always and we both made it to class or when we would laghf for something abaute a fifty

  14. my favtoit freinds are joshua tony andrew they are always by my side favrit teacher is ms valdiva ms agiular and ngia best 5 years of my life

  15. it was angel,moises,ivan and josh.mrs ngai ,mrs was all of them because its fun.when my cousin chores.yes i did.yes i did.making me good luck.yes i like this school.

  16. My best friends are Jessie,Moises,andrew and Tony.Why because i knew them sense i was little.My favorite teachers are Ms.Aguliar and Ms.Ngai. Why because they are so fun.My favorite project was when send everybody a piture of our self and people wrote on our thing.My favorite field trip is UCLA because it was so fun.My favorite award was math.Funniest moment when someone farted and everybody was laughing.Greatest thing ever was winning a award.

  17. My best friends are Ashly and Stephanie because they are both very funny and they are also very smart they know a lot of things and they are very nice. My favorite teachers were all of them. I came here in second grade first it was Ms. Carol, then it was Ms. Valdivia, then it was Mr. Derry, and finally it is Mrs. Ngai. My favorite project was the sea animals that we had to do a model of their habitat. That was in fourth grade. In fifth grade I like the career projects where we do our career. My favorite field trip is the Huntington Library. The special award that I recieved was principal and writing.

  18. first reason,I liked the more filed trips and just learn and also play outside the recess and i also got to have fun with others people like friends seconed reason,first i get to know everyone and play around with other people and play recess cool game .thired reason, i get to get party’s and also have fun with the other people and i also got to play with them.

  19. My favorite memories at montara avenue elementary school is when we went to a lot’s of field trips and we had so much fun.I meet a new friend in 5 grade and she is so funny all the time.I will miss my teacher Mrs.Ngai she loves chocolate so much we do a lot’s of fun subjects and we did a lot of fun and cool projects.We do a lot’s of fun and cool art’s I go a lot’s of awards when i was greatset thing is that i have a lot’s of friends in school.The funniest thing is when my friend said something funny.

  20. My best friends are Noemy,Giselle,and Juritza. They are always with me and when im mad at them they make me get away but they try to get me back and that is what i like because i think that they still wanna be my friend. My favorite teachers are Mrs.Aguilar,Mrs.Valdivia,and Mrs.Ngai. Those are my favorite teachers because i had so much fun with them so much. My favorite project that i did was my career project. I liked doing it because i had so much fun doing it and because i want to be what i did my career of. My favorite field trip was the Getty Villa because it is so much fun there. I was in a performanc for chorus and I was really nervous. The funny thing here is that when i fell down i looked like a pinguin. The greatest thing here is that i met my friends here and i am so glad i came to this school to find and make friends.

  21. My best friends are Moises, Raul, Nathan, Jason, Joshua, Tony, Ivan, Andrew, and Carlos.They are my best friends because they r funny and some of them are nice. Mrs.Ngai was my favorite and only teacher in Montara. My favorite field trip was the Art Museum because when we went to eat lunch we were playing Football and some of us ate ice cream.

  22. I miss you guys already! I hope you have a wonderful summer, and I wish you the best of luck in middle school and beyond. I hope you will come back and visit me, or at least send me an email to let me know how you are doing. Please study another language and travel, travel, travel! Seeing the world will open your eyes to the beauty of the multicultural world we live in.
    Much love,
    Mrs. Ngai

  23. Hi Mrs.Ngai it’s Naomie I miss you. I tried coming to Montana to see you but I haven’t had the time to visit you. And if I have time I will visit you. Middle school is fun and easy so far. I met new friends and I’ve seen a lot of people from elementary. I hope everything is good for you and I hope is see you soon! 🙂

  24. Naomie!!! It’s so good to hear from you! Thank you for contacting me through the blog. I’m so glad to hear that you are doing well in middle school and that it’s fun and easy so far. I would love for you to come visit when you have time. I work in the computer lab now, so come up there to visit. The best day would be Wednesday because I usually stay until 4:00 for my coding club. Take care of yourself and hope to see you soon!

  25. Hi Mrs.Ngai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you sooooo much and I hope that you are doing very well. I want to thank you for everything that you have one for me and my class mates. I want to tell you that your teachings have helped me a lot because you taught us ^th grad things so now I know a lot and I am getting good grades. I want to tell you that I have also been hoping to see you soon. AND that i went to a BEN AND JERRY’S ice cream shop for my B-day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you were right it is soooo DELICIOUS. I also want you to know that my family and i are hoping to travel this summer but I don’t know where yet because my mom says it is a surprise. I want you to know that it was not just what you taught us it was how you taught us that made such a difference so thank you for that. I love and miss you soooooooo much.


  26. Aiyana!!! It SO warms my heart to get this message from you! I miss you too! I’m so glad that you are doing so well in 6th grade and that some of the things I taught you have helped you do well this year. I will always remember what a dedicated and hardworking student you were, and how you never gave up, especially in math. I hope you still have that spirit of perseverance. It will take you far, and I can’t wait to hear all about your future adventures and endeavors.

    Isn’t Ben & Jerry’s amazing? It is too dangerous for me because I can sit down and eat the whole carton at once ALL BY MYSELF. Hmmm…now I want some…

    I would love for you to come to visit at school. I’m teaching in the computer lab now and we are doing so many fun things, including coding club and robots. The other day Naomie and Emma (from Ms. Zeleke’s class) stopped by to say hi. It was great to see them, and they’re both doing well, too.

    Where are you going to school? I can’t wait to hear where you travel this summer! My family and I are going to Africa!

    You can contact me directly by email at

    Take care of yourself, Aiyana!

  27. Hi Mrs. Ngai!!! I wanted to know if I could come see you after school days. Because if can I will try to come soon. I am so happy for you that now you get to work in the computer lab, CONGRATS!!:). I think that it is so cool that you and your family are traveling to AFRICA!!! That is so far away.

    Oh I want some Ben and Jerry’s now to.Mmmm… it tastes so good I can already taste it in my mouth.

    Also I go to Southeast Middle School

    I am happy to know that you are doing well and are now working in the computer lab (where you have wanted to work for a long time) I hope I can see you very soon and I hope you have a very great trip with your family.

  28. Also I miss coding club so much it was super fun. I have two cousins that attend Montara. their names are Ismael Bretado and Xavier Bretado.

  29. Hi mrs. Ngai I miss you sooo much. I really want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I want to be honest with you and tell you that I didn’t really appreciate what i had (education) and know that things are getting very serious for public education i want you to know that everything you have done for students such as myself has really helped. And once again thank you so much for everything i was very ignorant for not taking my education seriously. And know i know better and i will work harder to make a difference in this world.

  30. Aiyana!!!! I miss you and I will always remember you and your smiling face sitting right in front in my last 5th grade class! Now I work in the computer lab, so I don’t have my own classroom, so you were the last (at least for a while). I think that you were always a very good student in my class, especially in math you worked very hard because it was harder for you than other subjects. I remember your perseverance and that you would never give up! You’re right that education is very important and we should never take it for granted. I hope you continue to always put your best effort into everything you do. I have no doubt that you will. When you have a chance, come back to Montara to visit…you will find me in the computer lab! Much love to you and your family!

  31. Hiiii Mrs. Ngai, i miss you sooo much. THE DODGERS ARE WINNING!!!!!!! I am still super enthusiastic for you because you work in the computer lab! Again congrats on that big accomplishment. I am in the 7th grade and get grades. every time i think of the Dodgers or eat Ben&Jerry’s i think of you. I hope to see you again soon and hope you and your family are doing well. 🙂

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