Follow the King or Declare Indepedence?


Should the colonists have continued to follow the rules of the King of England or should they have declared independence? Write a paragraph stating your opinion, supporting it with AT LEAST 3 REASONS, and writing a concluding sentence. You can use ideas from the Scholastic News article or your own ideas.

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13 thoughts on “Follow the King or Declare Indepedence?

  1. The colonists should’ve declared independence. First of all, the king of England made unfair rules. Besides that, the colonists can provide everything they need by themselves. Finally, the king is taking many things from the colonists. As you can see, there are many reasons why the colonists should’ve declared independence .

  2. The colonist should declared independence. I think tht cause the King make unfair laws.Another reason is cause the King made the colonist to do it or then he will kill them. Fianally I think the colonist could take care of them there selfs.So, that is why the colonist should declared independence.

  3. The colonies should have independence. One reason is the king and the British want to own them. Second they never let the British

  4. go with them. Third the king sent soiders to watch them. Those are the resons why they should have independence.

  5. I think colonist should’ve declared independence because.First of all, king of England made unfair laws back then. Besides that, king made them dress up the color what the king wanted. Finally, I think the colonist can take care of them selfs instead ok the king demanding them what to do.As you can see, that tells us why colonist should’ve declared independence.

  6. I don’t think colonist should have followed King of England’s rules. First, everyone should have freedom. Second, England made unfair laws for the colonists. Lastly, the colonists could take care of their selves. So that shows why colonists should have independence.

  7. I don’t think they have followed the rules because first of all people have a right to do whatever they want. Second of all they could believe in whatever they want. Lastly they should have freedom because they were bossed around.

  8. I think that it was right to declare independence .First of all,it is how the united states was created and people to be free and have liberty to vote.another reason is the rules made by british were unfair to the settlelers like the taxes.last reason is The british would maje thie own laws without settlelers agreeing with the laws😡😱🙀

  9. I think that it was not important to the soders to treat them wrong thats my opinión

  10. I think they should have declared independence because first they have the right to do what they want second they need a break from the King last they need to be able to be free and not bossed around😞

  11. I think that they should declare independence because first of all, because they don’t have fair rules . Second, people in the other country don’t have to follow the same rules as the colonists. Finally, because the colonists have their own freedom to govern themselves. These are 3 reasons why they should declare freedom.

  12. The colonists should have declared independence. First of all, the colonists were not treated fairly so they should have done something about it like declare independence. Second of all, the colonists were not treated fairly for a long time so they should have declared independence a long time ago. Finally, the colonists again were not treated fairly they were not able to have their own religion. so they were basically brainwashed.

  13. They should of declared.First reason they have to listen and stuff they like you don’t like.Second reason they think you are not crazy to defend them.Third reason they give you a bit of food and drink.

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