No More Selfie Sticks?!


Should selfie sticks be banned in art museums?  Write a paragraph stating your opinion, supporting it with AT LEAST 3 REASONS, and writing a concluding sentence.  You can use ideas from the Scholastic News article or your own ideas.

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12 thoughts on “No More Selfie Sticks?!

  1. Yes, selfie sticks be banned in art museums. First of all, it blocks other people that are trying to see the art work. Besides that, some people forget to turn off the flash because they are worried about how will they look with the art, and they ruined one of a kind art work. Finally, they sometimes even might make people the point of the art museums, enjoying the art, not taking pictures with the art work. As you can see, there are many reasons why selfie sticks should be banned.

  2. Yes because it can ruin sculptures, second it might distract Otero people their, lastly the paintings might grey ruined because of the flash of the phone.

  3. I think selfie sticks should be banned from museums. First of all, selfie sticks can ruin paintings and sculptures. Another reason, is they might get carried away and not enjoy the museums. Finnaly, people can get in the way with the long metal sticks. So that show selfie sticks should be banned from museums.

  4. I think selfie sticks should be banned from art museums.First of all,it can hit or knock down art or sculptures.Another reason,is ruin or mess up the art with the flash.Finally,the last reason is they might ruin a famous artist’s panting and sculptures in the museum.In conclusion, thats why selfie sticks should get banned from museums .

  5. I think selfie sticks should be abandond from the Museum. One reason, they can hurt people by accident. Another reason, they can touch the art then the art can be distroid. Finally, they can block people. So those are good reasons why selfie sticks should be abandond.

  6. I think selfie sticks should be banned. First of all selfie sticks make the paintings damage it. Second the sticks make bad manners and you are distracting the other visitors. Third people are only focusing on the sticks instead of the real thing. Those are all my resons that selfie sticks should be banned.

  7. I think selfie sticks should be banned because first of all, they can damage the paintings and they could accidentally touch it. Seconded of all, people are trying to look at art and some people might be in the way taking a picture with the selfie stick. Lastly, they might hit someone and they could get hurt so those are the reasons they should be banned,

  8. I think selfie sticks should be banned from museums because what if you don’t see the person and you hit that person in their head and they start fighting and complaining with each other .

  9. I think selfie sticks should not be banned.First of all they should not be banned because they do not destroy anything.Second reason they should not be banned because they are not close to the paintings.Third reason they don’t touch the paintings.

  10. I think selfie sticks should be banned. One reason they should be banned is the might get in the way. Furthermore, they might hit someone. Lastly the sticks might hit the art which will ruin it. That is why selfie stick should be banned.

  11. I think that selfie sticks shod not be banned because they don’t touch the painting and they will be able to get the whole picture of the painting. Second , because with the picture you captured you can remember the time you were there. Finally , because if you have friends and you are at an art museum with your friends and you want to get the whole painting and it is a large painting the selfie stick would come in handy. These are reasons why selfie sticks should not be banned at art museums.

  12. I think self sticks should be banded because.first of all people culd use the flash of the phone and mes with the art work secon reason is they culd not let other people injoy the pies of artículo and they probobly came from Last reason is the securaty might get them introble and get banded from the muzem

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