Should Eating Competitions be Banned?


Should eating competitions be banned?  Write a paragraph stating your opinion, supporting it with AT LEAST 3 REASONS, and writing a concluding sentence.  You can use ideas from the Scholastic News article or your own ideas.

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6 thoughts on “Should Eating Competitions be Banned?

  1. In my opinion they should band food competitions. First of all, people could get sick and throw up or people could die because in some food contest because they can’t swallow the food or can’t digestion it. Also doctors shouldn’t have to deal with silly people that damage their body or digestive system just to win money or just a competition. Last of all people are wasting food when other poor hungre people really need it because they don’t have jobs and live in the streets.that is all the reasons why I think food competitions should be band

  2. Eating compititions should be banned because many people get so sick that they cant even say a word or a letter because they ate too much.

  3. I say eating competitions should be banned.First of all they can throw up or choke.Second reason why it should be banned beacaus they can be speech less or get sick or die.Third reason they would not feel able to eat and talk they will be numb. So those are all my reasons why they should be banned. By Andrew

  4. Eating competitions shouldn’t be banned because they signed up for it so that’s one reason that eating competitions should be banned. Seconded of all they know how to eat so they won’t choke or anything unless they swallow it. So that’s another reason it shouldn’t be banned. Lastly they enjoy doing competitions.

  5. Eating competition should because one you are wasting foods that could be given to people who need it. Second the people who do this might be out of shape, and third people might choke if they are not being careful. This us why they should ban eating competitions.

  6. Eating competitions should be banned. First of all, if you are not a professional and they start they can choke and die. Second, while they are eating lots and lots of food there are people out there that don’t have food so I in my perspective it’s like just because some people are in a competition they get to eats lots and lots of food but the people who are not in a competition they don’t gate to eat. Finally, the competetors are eating lots of food and they can become fat probably over fat and that is not very healthy. These are 3 reasons why eating competitions should be banned.

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