Colonists and Native Americans


If you were a colonist in the New World, what could you have done to try to cooperate and get along with the Native Americans?

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11 thoughts on “Colonists and Native Americans

  1. I will give them part of the land and share foods and give them whatever they want.Or I would help them on anything or anywhere .We can also trade and work as a team.

  2. I would keep the peace and not fight. I would also help them out and share with them whatever they want. I would keep it fair like they get half of the land and I’ll get half of the land.

  3. If I were a colonist I would tell the Native Americans that I was not going to harm them and that I was just looking for Asia and got lost. Hopefully they would understand but they probably wouldn’t know where or what Asia was. I would also tell them about how better our land is then theirs and they would probably want to know more about our land and maybe I could make a deal with them. Or maybe even just persuade them to giving or at least sharing their land with us.

  4. If I were a colonist I would help the Native Americans hunt by giving them things like armor and better weapons. I’d also share the land with Native Americans so there won’t be any conflict between me and them. This is would I would do if I were a colonist.

  5. If I was a colinist I would help the native Americans if they are nice to me.If they were nice to me I would ahare with them the half of the lands.Even I would help them to get better army.Even I would find them goods, tabacco, and other stuffs that rhey want. So that’s wath I would do sowe could have a better relashinship. If they were mean to me U would talk to them. If they want to fight with them I would defend my self by even fighting back at them.So that’s what I would do if I was a colonist.

  6. I would like to help by making a strong fence like what the people in Asia did to close the silk rode and try to protect their homes

  7. I would try to make a conversation with the Native American that they know that I’m a good person. Also if I would get the land I would want to share the land with the Native Americans. That is what I would do to avoid conflict with the Native Americans.

  8. If I was a colonist in the new world, first I would learn their language. Then help the native Americans to hunt and farm new things. If they’re nice then I would go back to my land and get goods and give it to them. I would also give them clothes to keep warm. Give them armor to protect themselves when they fight.

  9. If I were a colonist I would try to make friends with the indians by trading recources and becomeing their allies so they can help us in battle and give us stuff from the new world.I would also teach them my language and teach them other stuff so they can defend their selves if we give them guns so they can be more advanced and they can become more powerful.They can also help me in battle to get wealthy and I can give a little of the money to them so they can become wealthy to.

  10. If i were a colonists I would try to make friend with the Native Americans I would trade resources with them and we can help them by giving them new materials so they can use in the battle.Also we can share part of the land and also they can help us by showing us how to grow crops for food and different things.

  11. If I was a colonist in the new world what I would do to cooperate with the Native Americans is give them medicine that they need. Second, I will learn to speak there language so I could trade with them and speak with them so I could understand what they need.Finally, I would give them clothes to keep warm and then we since I would help them alot at least they could help me in war.

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