Exploring the New World


Write a persuasive letter to a friend, trying to convince him or her to go on an expedition to the New World with you. Give 3 good reasons why he or she should join you on this journey.

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My name is Mrs. Ngai and I am currently a 5th grade teacher in the Math, Science, Technology Magnet at Montara Elementary School. I love using technology in the classroom and am really excited about using this blog with my students! In addition to technology, I also love chocolate, traveling, learning new languages, and trying new food from many different cultures!

12 thoughts on “Exploring the New World

  1. Jason come to the New World because .First of all, if I go by my self I will get attack by some one that has gun or a lance we I get killed or if you come we can defend are self .In addition,to that what happens if I forget to bring food and my friend does so that means that I got luck.Also,if he knows the route to the go we won’t get lost because he knows the route to go.

  2. So I would take Giselle. Because I won’t be alone,We would work as a team work,we would be the first one to get to Asia.

  3. I would like to take stephanie because we make a great team work and I need her help.

  4. I will take Jessie because if I go by myself they will capture me
    and if we go together we can defeat them and I will not get captured.Second I will take Jessie because if I lose my materials he will have me covered like my navigation tool.My third reason why will I take Jessie because if I don’t know where to go I can ask Jessie if he knows the route so then take out his map and we can now know where we can go, so we have each other’s back cause we are best friends aka brother.

  5. I would take Ervin because he is my best friend he is the smartest in the class that’s my opinion and he is the toughest guy I he can come with me because it will be an exploration.We will also take some of our goods so we can trade were ever we go.

  6. I would take Carlos or my expedition to the New World. First of all, I won’t be alone on my journey. Besides that, if were in battle Carlos can help me defeat the attackers. Last of all, if I get lost I can just ask Carlos do you know where we are. So those are three reasons why I would take Carlos on my expedition.

  7. I would take Joshua because he can help in the trip. He can try to find a way to survive . He is so trustworthy and if I need his help he would help me.

  8. Francisco let’s help each other find a route that has never been found to the new world. We might find gold where we land. We might find a new route to Asia. We can establish colonies, find never seen supplies and get better tools. That is why I want to take you exploring with me.

  9. I would pick Raul because of I get lost he could tell me where to go. Second reason is so when we get attacked we can fight them together. Third reason is that I won’t feel lonely. This is why we should go an adventure together.

  10. I would choose Ashly to come with me to the New World. I would choose Ahly because we both make a great team, and always think ahead. So if I were top forget my compus I wouldn’t have to worry because my trusty partner would have an extra. And if we get lost then I shouldn’t be worried because my partner would have a map to use. And if I forget food never fear, because Ashly would have some ready. And finally I know that I can trust Ashly no matter what.

  11. I would take Nathan because hes strong and we culd have each others back secon reason is me and him culd find routs to different places nobody knows abaut Last we culd both be in history for finding not known places

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