You’re Going on an Expedition!


Imagine that your parents have announced that your family will be going on an expedition across North America.  Your family will be traveling through a remote wilderness with no place to stop for food or supplies.  What would you take along?  In addition to the necessities you might need, you will be allowed to take two of your most prized possessions.  Make a list, and then explain why you would take each of those things.

How Characters Change


In a novel, characters can change a lot by the end, depending on the challenges they’ve faced, things that have happened to them, and decisions they have made.  How has Marty changed by the end of the novel?  What do you think made him change?  How has Judd changed by the end of the novel?  What do you think made Judd change?


On page 130, Marty says, “But Judd’s out to teach me a lesson, and I’m out to teach him one.”  What are the lessons they are trying to teach each other?  What is Judd trying to teach Marty by making him work so hard?  What is Marty trying to teach Judd by working so hard?

Other People’s Business

Marty says, “There’s got to be times that what one person does is everybody’s business.”   Do you agree or disagree?  Are there times when you should get into other people’s business?  When are those times?  Why?  If you think you think you should never get in anyone’s business, tell why and support your answer with good reasons.