Camping Challenge

Camping Challenge

Describe a challenge you would like to face on a camping trip.

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24 thoughts on “Camping Challenge

  1. A challenge I would like to face are rock climbing and surfing.The one I would like the most is rock climbing because it is very cool from the other one. I would need some equimpment such as special shoes for climbing the rocks, a healmet, a belt, a chisel, some ropes, and clips. Then I would be ready to go rock climbing.

  2. Have you faced a challenge while you were a camper?Well, some people have, but not me. Its because I never been camping before. If I had a challenge it would probably be is how to make fire. My cousins ,Karla, actually went camping so I’m going to tell her if she knows how to make fire.
    ”So, Karla have you ever made fire while you were camping at Clear Creak,” said Vanessa. ”How to make a fire,Yeah!I know how to make fire.” said Karla.”Oh, cool can you tell me.I never been camping before so I don’t have any experience for that!” said Vanessa excitedly.”The first thing you have to do is gather up wood. Then, you try to look for some type of rocks or you can get two sticks and scrape them together quickly till it gets hot. When it gets kinda hot scrape it even faster and you get a little bit of fire. Just place it on the wood and it will expand. That’s how you make a fire,” explained Karla. ” Making fire is pretty easy. When I go camping I’m going to make a fire.” said Vanessa.
    You learn things everywhere,in stories,movies, shows,and even your cousin perhaps can help you figure out something.Don’t just keep things to yourself. You could find the answer you’re looking for.

  3. If I had a challenge to face it would be to climb a giant mountain.If I did I would have a partner and some tools.The tools would be a rope, a chisel,a first aid kit,a helmet, and a hook to clip to the rope and my belt.I would not bring food because I would just hunt for food.I would bring water.I would not stop till I got to the top.I would also be careful not to get hurt.
    Thats I would do.

  4. When I go camping, I want to face a challenge. Make a fire with twigs and rocks or I would like to build a tent by myself. I would like to make a fire because it would be fun. I would like to build a tent by myself because it would be a challenge and I have never build one by myself. So those are the challenge I would like to face in a camping trip.

  5. When I go camping I would like to face a challenge.My challenge will be to make fire and to build a tent in 15 minutes.I picked this challenge because i had never done this and it might be fun and because i had never build a tent before.This is what i would like to do on a challenge if i go camping.

  6. If I were at camp there would probably be a million things to do. If I could pick my own challenge i would rock climb surrounded by wter only. So if I fall I would fall into the water. I would choose that because i’m a pretty good climber, but it wouldn’t be so great because if I fall the water would be deep and i would fall from high up. that can be kind of scary. Anyway, I still think it would be something fun to do at camp.

  7. If I was attending a camp
    my challenge is going to
    be fighting a gizzy bear
    with only my hand!!!
    He will could in crazy.

  8. If I were at camp and I would have to face a challenge then my challenge would be at the beach.The challenge would be to surf and another challenge would be to build the biggest sandcastle.
    Another challenge would be to find as many shells as you can on the ground.The kind of challenge I would also face is to swim faster.The other challenge I was thinking to face was to build the tent all by myself.Last but not least find wood,twigs,and rocks to make fire.That would be all the challenges I would face at a camping trip.

  9. If i was attending a camp my challenge is going to be fighting a gizzy bear with only my hands.That would be my challenge in a camp.That would be SCARY.No one would do that.

  10. I would really like to face a maze challenge. But not just any maze. It would be really extremely huge maze. With the trickiest sides. I would also like it to be very scary and have to be timed. The timer would start at midnight. With no help at all of light not even a torch or flash light or even a candle. I wouldn’t use a map either. That would be a big challenge for me. It would also be lots of fun.

  11. I would really like to face a maze challege.But the maze i want is a huge one and that you have to find a map.I would like it to be a type of halloween.This would be a huge challge for me and if I pass it I would like to be on a mission and complete it. so i would like this challge but to do it with some people to compete them. This would be lot’s of fun.

  12. The two challenges I would like to face at camp would be tug a war because I beat my neighbors at it sometimes and it is fun.The other challenge I would like to face would be jump rope because it would be really fun and I like to jump.=)

  13. The callenge I would want to face is to climb
    the bigest mountain in the world,or I would
    face to grab the most dangers animals.I wo-
    uld also face to go near a tornato.I would like
    to face things that others won’t.That is want
    I would face

  14. If you had a challenge to face during camp what would it be. Would you go rock climbing, having an adventure, fighting dangerous animals in the wild, surviving with only a canteen of water and a few marshmallows or some can food too. Well if I had a challenge to face it would be water skiing with some lake animals or snorkeling under the lake or even a ocean animals. So I would be having a blast being around under sea animals,but it could kind of be terrifying because I never know what could happen to me if I don’t think of a way to get out of a kind of situation like if a shark comes after me when I am in the water or out of it. It might seem crazy,but it’s a risk I am willing to take to have a blast at camp. This could be one of my most ideas I would do during I am at camp.

    First, I would go water skiing in the lake and we would have a composition to see who does the best water ski trick than all the other people in camp. The highest score you can get is 10 points and if you get all the three judges approve that you get to have a fun express card that lets you do what ever you want that’s even more fun than what the other camp mats are doing or you can choose the next activities that you want and all the camp mats have to play or do the activities that you chose.Water skiing is so fun because you can do many tricks that you don’t even know you can do and you can also go very fast even though it might be nerve racking to you or anyone else who decides to go skiing. You can go as fast as a lighting bold that’s how fast you can go.Water skiing is hard but never impossible.

    Next, I would snorkeling in the ocean to see nature’s beauty under the sea. We would see lost of different colorful and playful fishes. We would also see many groups of fishes that have many different colors or are unique to all the other animals in the ocean. We could also see lots of sea plants like corrals and there is this specific plant that I like that looks a wavy plant that closes when you touch it. Many plant are in the bottom of the ocean that are colorful but we shouldn’t touch them unless you know no reaction or if it can do anything to you because even though it’s very beautiful. All animals and plant from the ocean are beautiful just one of natures creatures that are so amazing I don’t even have the words to describe how magnificent the ocean is. 3> Maybe I will see a dolphin and trust me I am LOVE….. DOLPHINS!!!!!! 🙂 If I see one I will probable want to ride on top of it until the adventure is over.

    Finally , we would go back to our camp site and put on a fire with the help of everyone of course with the supervision of an adult. When we are done doing the fire we can have some roasted marshmallows or smores. And tell scary stories or tell things that you think is interesting that happened in your life.

    So these are some things I would like to do when I would be at camp. These ideas can also be very dangerous because you never know what’s going to happen to you. So when your at camp next time and you want to think of an idea to do there. Remember these ideas to help you figure out what you want to do at camp for an activities.

  15. If I were at camp I would probably do a challenge which would be rock climbing. I would pick rock climbing because it is fun. I would probably be scared because it is dangerous bat at the same time I would be excited. I would want to climb because I am a really good climber. The things I would need will be climbing shoes, helmet, gloves, harnesses, ropes, carabiners, quick draws, and delay device. I think it would be pretty fun to camp and go rock climbing.

  16. Have you ever been to a camp where you can do any challenge YOU want? Well I have and my challeng was to sleep outside in the middle of the woods with only one girl and one grown up. (really I have not been to one but that’ll be cool if I ever did go to one camp like this one.) the challenge seemed fun but at the same time scary. At first I was telling everyone that I wasn’t scared that I was happy. Actually I was scared as a cat sacred of a dog.I was also nervous because I have never ever in my life have ever slep in the woods nor outside. When I got there it was weird to me because I have never done this. When it was time to go to sleep it was fine for a moment ad then I heard lots of noises but I I imagined that I was at my house so managed to go back to sleep. I did LIKE going camping it was kind of fun and just because I was new at it didn’t worry me about anything, maybe next time I can do better than how I did this time.
    P.S. Who likes going camping!
    Because I know I do…!!!

  17. If I had a camping challenge I would want it to be surviving in the woods and make it back to the camp area.I would also like it to be zip lining from a tree down back to the camp sight.It would also be cool to race with a bike from the middle of the woods and back to the camp sight witch is the finish line and after you do all that I want to go through an obsticle course and back and then you win a trophy.

  18. If I were to make a challenge on a camping trip I would try to see as many animals as I can. also write a small description about the animal,and draw it the best I can. Well I would try to stay up so I can see the animals that come in the night.

  19. if I were at camp i’ll face a challenge of rockclimbing the biggest mountain there is out there and i’ll take a freind because in case if i get hurt or break a bone or I nead help with somthing and even im half way their and i wouldnt stop even if im tired i just want to win the challenge and if i win i might get some thing for it so thats what ill do

  20. If I was to attend a camp. One of the challenges would be who build a tent more faster. The second challenge would be who light up the camp fire first. The third challenge would be who pick up a lot of acorn. The forth challenge would be who get up early to start breakfast. The fifth challenge would be to make two teams, and to see who race’s the fastest. The sixth challenge would be who says the best story. It would be a nice camp out.

  21. I will like to face a loss of food and hungy.there no more food to eat . Also they’re no water and the bears,wloves,dingos,and coyoties. I know but we have to go thought this we can survive this.

  22. The challenge I would like to face while going camping is climbing the tallest and biggest mountain in the whole wide universe but i’ll probably be super scared but if I would’ve made it i would tell everyone and i’d be proud of myself.that is my challenge. :0 ) 🙂 =] :] =) B) 😉 <3 O:) /:

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