You’re a Magician!

Imagine you are a famous magician.  Describe the tricks you would perform on stage.


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My name is Mrs. Ngai and I am currently a 5th grade teacher in the Math, Science, Technology Magnet at Montara Elementary School. I love using technology in the classroom and am really excited about using this blog with my students! In addition to technology, I also love chocolate, traveling, learning new languages, and trying new food from many different cultures!

20 thoughts on “You’re a Magician!

  1. If I were a magician I will do this tricks:I will pull out coins of their ears.I will do that trick because kids wonder “How did she do that trick.” that is why I want to do that trick.The second trick I will do is that I will put a pencil in my nose and take it out my mouth.I will do that because people can be surprised about how I did that trick.The third trick I would do is that I would put a earaser in their ear and take it out of their mouth.So they can be exited.On my fourth trick I would put a egg in a hat and turn it into a birdy.I would do that so they can see that I can turn somthing into a birdy.For my last trick I will take out a tissue of their necks.So now they can see that I am a real magician.This is what I will do if I were a real magician.
    THE END!

  2. If I was a famous magician I would do these tricks for example the card, the hat, the coin, the egg, and the stamps. I picked these tricks because they are fun, entertaining,and appropriate for the crowd. The cards is a trick of finding a card and looking for the matching one. It is very simple. The hat trick 8is a fun trick because you make a rabbit appear in the hat and a lot of people like it. The coin is a thinking trick because you need to think and pay attention to where the coin is going under the cup and where it is. Some people are really good at it. The egg is a trick where you have to be tricky as the magician. At some point you have to hide the egg. The stamps is a type of trick where the crowd is suppose to help. I think it is all one book just different sections. A lot of people find it a little confusing. Those are the tricks I would do if I were a famous magician.

  3. If I were a famous magician I would do amazing tricks.I would do mistery tricks like disapering acts and pull put a bunny out of my hat.I would also pick volunteers from the public.If I were a famous magician I would do an act like make a blue pigion apeer from a hankerchief.I would also make alot of hankerchiefs into a baton.I would throw the baton into the air and make confetti come out of it.It would be so amazing.the world would never know my tricks under my sleeves.

  4. If I were a magician like Mr. Derry from Montara Ave. or other magicians around the world like Chris Angle. First I will go to classes so the people that work as a magician they could show me new tricks and ideas. For the first trick I will take a bunny out of my hat. Then I’ll ask two volunteers for the ring toss. Then I’ll tell a person to come up and to tie me up with a rope and I’ll try to get out of it. Then after I’ll do the card trick that one is very easy. After I’ll do other tricks that are fun and when I start knowing how and getting the idea I’ll will have my own shows and I’ll have an assistant and she will be my sister Gabriella. Then my own website. Now you know what will I would do for being a magician.

  5. If I’m a magician I’ll impress the crowd. I’ll do as many tricks as I can. First trick will be is dissapearing flowers from my hands. The crowd will go wild. Second trick will be pulling a string out of my mouth I’ll pull it very gently. Then I’ll pull a rabbit of my hat gently. Everyone wil be asking “How did she do that?” I’ll feel happy because my crowd will love it very much. I’ll also send voulenteers up. And if they do a great job I’ll give them a treat. I’ll also do a trick that will blow peoples minds. I’ll vanish five cards in my hand in a second. If the crowd gets bored I’ll do a trick that everyone could do. If the little kids don’t know how I’ll help them. They’ll appreciate me. That’s what I’ll do for a magician.

  6. If I were a magician and I would have to preform some magic tricks. I would preform one of these tricks and they are an amazing trick, cool trick, scary, weird, an obvious, and a existing trick. The scary one will be a sword going into some ones body. The obvious one will be with cards. The weird one will be kind of dumb ,and I would preform it with dice. The existing one will be with colorful napkins. Those will be some of the tricks I will preform if i was a magician.

  7. If I were a magician, these are the tricks I would do. I would do the bunny in the hat trick. It is the one were you make a bunny apear out of a hat. Then of course my favorite, the one were you saw your partner in half and they miraculously survive. Then I would do the original dissappearing card trick. The crowd will love it. Then to amaze the crowd, for my grand finally, I will go in a little box and tell my assistant to set the box on fire and when the box is completely burned up I would tell him to open it and I would be gone.

  8. If I were a magician I would perform cool and fun magic tricks that will amaze you and make you think,”How did he do that!?”. First I would pull a volunteer from the audience and put them in a box then I will cut them in half.Then I would make a bunny come out of the hat.I would also make a person levitate and put a person in a bow and make them disappear.Then for my final trick I will escape a box with long swords going through them.

  9. “Hello, My name is Bethany and I’ll be your magician fir the night. I’ll be performing some tricks. There is 4 tricks there is The String Trick, The Disappearing Trick, The Card Trick, and The Box Trick. The string trick is easy but complicated. What you have to do is get a yard peice of string and count to three and there you have it! It cuts into three equal pieces without anyone seeing the trick. The dissapearing trick is very hard but fantastic. What you have to do is ger your hat, one of the pieces of string, and a bag. The string and the bag goes inside the hat and what the trick does is the strind dissapears and the bag change to whatever color. The card trick is simple and fun. All you need is a special magical box. In the box there’s another box so then the you switch the boxes around but the box inside changes to the directions but the directions are in Asian langauge. Thank you all for coming and thanks for the help my volunteer. I hope you all enjoyed my show.

  10. If I were a magician I wouldn’t do any baby tricks I would do tricks like mysterious,weird,or dissapearing tricks .My opening act would be be appearing out of nowhere.Then I would cut someone in half and put them back together.I would also do a card trick I would bring up a volunteer and tell them to pick a card then I would find the card, and tell them it dissapeared.Then I would get my top hat ,and instead of a bunny coming out of the hat a lots of candy would come out, and I would give the whole audience some.Then I would also tell a volunteer to come up and then I would make them dissapear and reappear.Then I would tell the whole audience that they have been great then I will dissapear.

  11. The tricks I would do if I were a magician is take out a bunny from a hat.The other trick I would make is make a piece of eraser disappear from a tissue.I would also disappear a napkin out of my hand and take it out of my mouth.Then make an empty color book be coloredthen make it be empty again.I would also make more tricks like put a pencil in the middle of a mirror.It would be alittle hard to make tricks and to be a magician but if I be a magician I will try to make more tricks.I would also try to make a bird come out of a boxand make a string in a person then cut the string into little pieces.Then I will make the string big and those are all of the tricks I would make if I were a magician.

  12. If I was a Magician ,I would call my self Ms. Jenny the magician .I would make a beautiful rainbow, and beautiful birbs in the big giaut room.I would make funny things happen like a fish swiming with out water, instead it swims with the air. If I was a magician I would make my dog mew, and my cat bark.I would bring my small small blanket and I would make it into a sticker or even a stamp.

  13. hi my names is andrew garzon.I like bangerous magic.I like them because they have big balds and big boxes.The twister is wierd it dosen’t feel like your being twisted but you are being twisted.I also like disappering tricks one secnred thire there the next their not there.the very easy ones are pretty simple see like the stringtrick.also that you can make your self levatate.

  14. One day I would like to become a famous magician. If I was a magician I will do alot of magic. I would do the magic in different auditorium’s. The first trick I would do is the cube. I would do the ring trick. I would pull out a rabbit from the hat. I would also invite my cousin,friends, and family to come and see my famous tricks. I would feeel happy making people laugh. Being a magician would be fun.

  15. If I was a magician the first trick is to get a voulanteer and put them in a box and saw them open.I would not do boring tricks.I would make people dissapear.I pull birds or a rabbit out of my hat.I would pull coins out of people’s ear and make them laugh.It would be so fun to make them and do tricks.I would invite my family and friends.I would charge tickets 1$.I would do magic from 1:oo pm to 4:00pm.

  16. if i were a magician i will pop bunny out of a hat and i will put people to sleep and float them on a broom and try to levitate of the air like chris angle and walk threw mirrors

  17. If I were a magician.The tricks I would do are the one where you pull out a bunnny from the hat. The one where you make a person appear out of knowere.The other is where you take out the coin out its ear.Also the one where you put water in a newspaper thsts folded and it doesn’t look wet and you put back the water that was in the cup.And also the one where you uust have a 1 inch piece of cloth and you nturn it into a 18 inch cloth.those are all the tricks i would do if i were a magician.

  18. Hi my name is Andrea ,or as they call me the Mysterious.If you don’t know me well let me introduce myself my name is Andrea,but my famous name is Mysterious I am the a very successful magician ,and the reason they call me mysterious is because I do lots of stupendous tricks that are very weird and keep you wondering.”How does she do that.”I am the most famous magician in this whole entire world has ever seen or heard of.I know what you’re thinking why is so much better than other magician and aren’t all magical,funny,and super amazing magicians the same.I don’t even see the difference she must be over exaggerating or wants to trick us. The most things that we do us magician is that we perform lots of tricks that knock the audience socks off,and you will know why and what is my main key to my acknowledged.Well the thing that is so great about my tricks are that I do not cheat like others,for example I don’t get a wooden egg and put it somewhere,and by the way don’t even try to convince me how to do that either way I will not tell you the oracle.As a magician I can not tell you what we do us genius to make this entertaining for you, and as all of you know a good magician never reviles his or her secrets.Also I love to do tricks I stared being a magician just last year ago and I love to do it so much that I want to dedicate myself to this.My most favorite part of being a magician is that you do tricks that are very amusing,and will get the crowd wild.”Alakazam”There are many tricks that are very skeptical,”but if you believe in your self the power inside of you is much greater than anyone’s if you just believe in your self even though that you are a kid.”Now back to tricks,”Oh yes.”Magical tricks are not just fooling around ,or playing jokes on people just I did just earlier.Also everyone out there that’s listening to everything I am saying take my advise on this if you ever want to tern a lion into a person you might just get change into a grouchy mouse.These are some examples of what a magic trick is like or how it would be like.Have you seen a trick of cards,well my trick is different because with my unsuspected cards it would changes,but it depends on which card you pick out.Also I would do tricks like take out colorful cloths, make something or someone disappear,but I had to reaper them,I would make it rain in certain places,I would split something in half,turn a raw into a majestic bird,and my favorite part was to fly in mid air with my magical powers.I have one magical trick that you won’t believe until you seen it with your very own eyes,and it’s even better than fling in mid air.Last year I learned how to do this magnificent trick.It was a magical Halloween in Las Vegas,but it was super hot when I was going to do a magic trick that would surely want to see more of my magic trick.My magic show was going to be in Circus Circus.Everyone that had a rubber ball would have something else that is much better than a boring rubber ball that was only red.When I came outside I was so nervous,”would I do it right or wrong.So I gave out the magic words”Hocus Pocus all of the rubber balls turned into a handful of candy.Every little kid was impressed.Since it was Halloween it was a great trick.Also I normally go to different places and usually I don’t get nervous only when I barley learned how to do that trick.That is why adore and am not afraid to do risky challenges or magic.Now you know what the great Mysterious does.

    P.S.That also what I do on stage no the same trick,but you know what I mean.

  19. If I was a magician, my name would be Andres the “Glamouros” my shows will start by pulling red roses from my sleve to give all my viewers.I will take out my beautiful helpers from a silver glitter box and of course the simple trick of taking a bunny from a hat. Make people float and dissapering the people that is last act would be walking threw a mirror like Chris Angel and then appearing in the middle of my public.

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